The description of the wonderful breed

The Egyptian Mau cats are the oldest known breed in the world , but the history treated them without mercy and they almost disappeared from our planet. Thanks to few catteries the breed survived until today.

The Egyptian Mau are the fastest home cats. They can run at 45 km per hour. They are very interested in the world around them. All what they find they have to get to know touch and understand.

Their feature is high discipline- they understand very fast what is forbidden. It is not too much to say that they understand human´s speech and gestures the best out of all breeds.

They love to have fun, to retrieve, just to be in the center of attention.

They are characterized by mimicry. We can read their thoughts from their muzzles .They have very happy personality and all matters for them.

They have wonderful smell and hearing. A lot of the carers claims that they have amazing ability to prejudice things that are going to happen. They just simply posses sixth sense. Their fans claim that the power of those cats is even perceptible, and they believe that the cats have changed their lives for better , also by protecting them and their homes.

Egyptian Mau have spots visible on the topcoat of hair. They remind of cheetahs not only because of the speed ( they can run at 45 km/h) but they have also similar shape of the body. Their bodies are slightly lengthened , middle size, muscular, slim and elegant. One of the features to differ them is skin wrinkle which starts from shoulder and goes up to knees.

The paws are of the middle length and slightly rounded. The back limbs are a bit longer than the front ones. That influences the movement possibilities and increases their speed.

A tail is of the middle length, thick at the ground and slightly narrower at the end.

The head is of the shape of moderate wedge with slightly rounded contours. The cheeks are not full. The nose is of the equal width from the ground. The muzzle is of the middle length, not very pointed, but chin and jaw pretty outlined.

The ears are of the middle size, with the wider basis, standing upright and ending quite sharp, placed proportionally.

The eyes are in the shape of almonds and they are placed at an angle.. Silver Mau have the eyes in green gooseberry colour. They look like wearing make up.

The hair is of the middle length, adhering to the body, soft and delicate.

Spots are very contrastive, very visible along the spine. They have those wonderful striking spotted coat patterns, which are very characteristic for the breed.

Mau have one or more drawings of the necklace on the neck and 2 rows of buttons on the stomach.

Egyptian Mau live about 18- 20 years. They can live to the old age in good condition.

Those cats whet are happy they produce sounds similar to giggle, called chortling.

They accommodate easily. They don´t belong to the obtrusive cats, but they prefer the company of people much more than the other cats or dogs. Still they have no problem to co-live with them.

Nowadays in the world there are only few kennels existing, and Egyptian Mau is the most rare and wanted breed.

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